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Friday, January 8, 2016


Like a moth to a flame we are irresistibly drawn to myths, and regardless of “…our ignorance of the language or culture [from which it came] is still felt by any reader anywhere in the world. Myths throughout the world are similar. Myth is language…its value is timeless. The mystical value of myth does not lie in its style, its original music, or its syntax, but in the story it tells. With myth, everything becomes possible, it explains the present and the past as well as the future.”  The Structural Study of Myth by Claude Levi-Strauss  

In the late 1970’s my friend, Dr. Sheldon Klein, Professor of Computer Science and Linguistics, University of Wisconsin, shared with me he had worked with Levi-Strauss on the basis of the myth in Paris, France, some of which he shared with me in the above paragraph. From childhood, I read myths and mythical type stories, pretty much everything with a mythic structure and journey; created such stories since I was a child.
Not until I was an adult did I began to write my stories in earnest.  My two recent publications brought me out-of-the closet and my dream came true. I'm now a published writer. After I completed Angel, I gratefully recalled Sheldon Klein's influence on my present writing.  Sheldon was the first person to show me the true value of the myth, which led to trusting my own writer’s voice. Although Sheldon, this brilliant man, is no longer with us, I thank him and his wife, Carol Klein, from the bottom of my heart.  

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